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What’s In My Pocket App?

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What’s In My Pocket App?

Thoughts & Experience

What’s In My Pocket App?

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Don’t know what Pocket app is?

It’s a cool little application that works on desktop, mobile and in your web browser. It’s basically a bookmarking service. Add a little icon to your toolbar in your web browser to bookmark any page just like normal, except it goes to your profile on your desktop and mobile. Very cool for saving cool videos, articles or fun stuff you want to revisit.

Just a collection of a few links that I think someone might like – at least I do!

#1 – Chase Jarvis, YouTube Channel

This is a awesome channel that has great videos including photography and go-pro action. The real fun is the interviews with entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Marc Ecko and more.  Also has a very cool introduction video here.


#2 – LeWeb Conference, YouTube Channel

This is an awesome web conference in Paris. I really like the “matter of fact” nature in these interviews done by Loic Le Meur, Co-Founder, LeWeb. Check it out for interviews on the top and most interesting entrepreneurs and business owners. Here is one interview with Phil Libin of Evernote.


#3 – Mixergy! Home of The Ambitious Upstart!

I love mixergy and Andrew Warner is ALWAYS fun to listen too. He really hits home with most of the interviews and gets down to the struggle and what really matters in the growth of a startup or business.

#4 – This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis

Been listening to this show for years. Every thing is still the same and the same means very awesome. He is funny and loves to promote mailChimp “eee ee eeee” is something that will be drilled into your head.

He can do that because he has the best guests. Let’s watch the latest interview with Mark Cuban together, because I haven’t heard it yet!


#5 – DJ Ozone – Reggae Radio Station

Yes, I love listening to music. When I am not listening to interviews I am listening to music. One place to get cool mash-ups of reggae and dancehall music you can check out DJ Ozone.


On his website it streams a radio station to enjoy some good vibes!

#6 – The 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss

Huge book! Recently bought the 4 hour chef, which is a “swiss army knife” of cookbooks. It describes the variety of cooking methods, terms and how to deconstruct a meal. It goes much further than that. Describing the differences between knifes, guns, building shelter, properly skinning an animal to the difference in techniques for swimming. Even how to build a chart to memorize a 52 pack of cards.

It’s a book to lift up and read something cool and ponder it throughout the day. Definitely not something to read from start to finish – definitely jumping around. It’s a big book! Did I mention that?

#7 – Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

I have read some of this new book by Gary V. I have heard countless interviews of him describing the context of this book. You can actually get most of the “gold” from those interviews but the book itself is more like a technical manual. Accurately describing good and bad examples of various companies using social networks the wrong way.

The wrong way is assuming each platform is the same. In reality people have different ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing each website. People do not use Pinterest the same way they use Facebook. Think about it!

“That is all. Now back to working with Twitter Bootstrap to make a bunch of templates that will kick ass.” – Wynter Jones



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Wynter Jones develops web software. He has created over 30+ Wordpress plugins and been apart of a few large Internet Marketing launches.

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