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Internet Marketing

Welcome to Wynter Jones .me a Blog All About Me and Projects I am Working On

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Welcome to Wynter Jones .me a Blog All About Me and Projects I am Working On

Internet Marketing

Welcome to Wynter Jones .me a Blog All About Me and Projects I am Working On

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“Before Enlightenment chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.”

- Zen Proverb

Welcome to my blog! I could be very direct on what this blog is about… but truthfully it’s a blog about all the things I am doing. With the domain .me it made it much easier to focus on a blog that really is just about all the different projects I am working on. I did own both WynterJones.com (now a whopping $2, 000 dollars – err) and I didn’t renew WynterJones.ca

I had both of em! But didn’t renew – expecting no one would buy them and sell them. I was wrong. Welcome to the world of domain marketing. Of which I know nothing about. Other than Sex.com is a very valuable domain. What was I writing about again?

Get to Know Me and My Dog (Charlie)

My name is Wynter Jones and I am a 25 year old web developer. I started to code my own Visual Basic applications when I was only 14 years of age. Two notable applications that never seen the light of day – but actually helped me! First project was a app that I had on a CD that had all the essentials: Firefox, Audio Drivers, Display Drivers and at the time System Mechanic.

The second application I ever coded actually landed me a girlfriend. Sad eh? Being a 14 year old punk (literally I had multi-coloured mohawk) I had alternative uses for my silly applications. This app was a MSN annoyer as I named it. All it did was take your text and send it to your MSN Messenger window. So.. I sent a girl 500 messages, “Will you go out with me?” in a matter of a 30 seconds. It worked out just great!

When I First Started…

Like most it took a long time before I believed anyone that money can be made on the internet. It was actually my twin brother Dylan Jones who actually first landed a paying job for those ads, “Give us your email and we will give you a 30′ inch TV!” TV’s were huge back then! However this experience sparked me and my brother to use our design skills to get more and more clients.

My first client was actually an author. He needed a website for his new book. I remember him saying a lot – “make it like Steven Coveys Highly Effective Peoples website.” At the time I had no idea who that other author was, but it seemed like I could do it. I was very wrong. My design being very crude and the HTML even worse. Photoshop 7 had a cool feature that allowed you to automatically create the HTML for your website.

This made terrible output… but the client was happy! It was a $60 dollar job that he quickly paid me $300 for. I was extremely excited. Two days later he asked me to change the margins on the text. I was stumped. Over 6 hours of messing up the HTML I could not for life of me change the margins.

I Needed to Learn!

After realizing I was pretty much useless when it came to getting a photoshop design into an actual website I made a journey into web programing. I actually was learning FROM my clients. One person who was from Vancouver (very beautiful city) actually explained to me the difference between a SPAN, P and DIV tag. He was paying me to make his website and teaching me! So I devoured every piece of content I could find. The greatest source at the time was Lynda.com

It was only one course that literally gave me most of the knowledge I have now. Semantic markup and the love for clean organized code.

Jumping forward a few years. I was hired by an incredible company called Intridea. A position I really had no business being in, but I got lucky. After not performing my quota I had to find a new way to continue working online. There was always the option to get a few design jobs, but I wanted something new a different.

Thus I Found Internet Marketing

That is quite the statement as marketing online really encompasses so much. It’s not just one thing. However there is a certain style and techniques that are used within the “Internet Marketing” community. This started with a website called the WarriorForum. I didn’t stay long there. Something about being called an asshole all the time made me not like the place. However I love the people I have met and still do business with today. These are the customers I sell PLR too.

What is PLR?

Private Label Rights. That is like a recipe that you buy and you claim as your own. Yet is not something you created. The dominant use of PLR content is with eBook and articles. I produced a tonne of PLR software. This has got into the hands of some marketers that I have looked up too for years before I got a single sale myself.

It was a few years ago but the day I got a sale form a personal hero made me feel like my work was actually getting someone. Who was that person? It was Stephen Pierce. I doubt he personally bought it, probably his assistant. However when I seen his company name pop up in my Paypal account I was personally shocked and extremely excited.

Where am I today?

These days I still continue to produce some PLR software (mostly WordPress plugins) to an exclusive mailing list. Hint. Hint. Sign up now. I have around 20 customers that are extremely loyal and they have helped us (me and brother) a tonne and still continue to do.

On this blog you will find all of the projects I am working on. Information about me and all kinds of random things I have to talk about. I am not trying to sell you on anything. Ok. That was a lie. I will try and sell  you some stuff – but ONLY stuff that I have created, helped create or that you actually should get it!


Wynter Jones


Wynter Jones develops web software. He has created over 30+ Wordpress plugins and been apart of a few large Internet Marketing launches.

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