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TideSDK – CRUD SQLite Database

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TideSDK – CRUD SQLite Database


TideSDK – CRUD SQLite Database

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Ever heard of Titanium by Appcelerator ? It is a mobile application development SDK. Ever heard of TideSDK? It is a desktop application development environment.

Check out the code: https://github.com/wynterjones/TideSDK—CRUD-SQLite-Database–w–Twitter-Bootstrap-

Both work on the principle of embedding all the native to code and having the code work through Javascript. It’s freakin’ cool. It going to get even better when TideKit comes out! Which promises to make one environment to employ apps for Web, Desktop and Mobile – all in one.

This is all very exciting stuff especially for me, since I started programming on desktop and went to web since it is more fun. Now I can use all the web technologies on the desktop. This is because TideSDK runs WebKit which is what processes HTML/CSS for the Chrome web browser. Unfortunately it is running an older version – which is why TideKit is exciting.

Learning how to create an app using TideSDK I had started doing the database work entirely in HTML5 Localstorage. Cool. Very simple to add new data with simple functions. However it becomes a little annoying when trying to match a localstorage item with a category item. Just ends up being ugly code. I went around this using an Object and using Array push to add various arrays to that one object. Then I have one object with all the data organized the way I want it.

SQLite Database – Don’t Use LocalStorage

Cool – again. Progress. Actually no. Localstorage is NOT a good way to store data because it is limited.

Don’t do that – only store small bits of data and then send to your server to save on actual database and clear the data to store more. This is a great way to use it if a users internet connection drops for a bit and they hit save. All well and good – but for me – this was just a learning process. No progress was made.

So, I had to hit the documentation for TideSDK and learn how the database works. One confusion is what I mentioned right away, there are multiple pieces of software that run on similar core code. This means when googling on how to do some stuff, people will provide code that works – but has different variables that do not work. I am talking about difference of using “Ti” in TideSDK and “Titanium” in Titanium. Its a easy catch but can be confusing… it was to me ! haha

Yay – a GitHub Contribution

I created a simple example application that is rough but showcases the basic CRUD database interaction for TideSDK. This is using a SQLite database – which is super easy to access. I created this because I had spend few hours trying to figure out why the database file never changed. It never changes because the database file isn’t an accessible file. Even if you create it. It’s embedded into the package compiler. Which means I was looking at nothing change and wasting time.

Therefore, a simple example to showcase how to have CRUD database in TideSDK. That means Create – Read – Update and Delete.

TideSDK – CRUD Database SQLite

Check it out: https://github.com/wynterjones/TideSDK—CRUD-SQLite-Database–w–Twitter-Bootstrap-

More code will be added as I find it very cool to have various versions of code and having the code public to be seen, changed and used!


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